Dental Management Summit

Overcoming Practice Management Challenges for Success

May 4th, 2024 JW Marriott Edmonton

8:00am-4:00pm 7 CE

In the rapidly evolving landscape of dental practice management, staying ahead of challenges is paramount for success! Strong management will ensure that the dental practice runs smoothly and efficiently, and that the dentists can focus on providing quality care to their patients.
The Dental Management Summit is a comprehensive day of learning designed to equip dental managers and owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and overcome the top practice management challenges.
Key Topics:
  • HR-Recruitment, retention, and motivation of dental staff in a competitive labor market.

  • Leadership & workplace conflict management.

  • Practice growth & optimization.

  • The top KPI's every dental practice manager should know.
  • Marketing-Strategies to attract and retain patients in a competitive market.


Taking Your Workplace From Stressed to Blessed

Paul Pelletier LL.B. CAPS PMP

Workplace conflict happens. It is inevitable. Disrespect comes in many forms and poisons our work environment: rudeness, gossip, bullying, ignoring, demeaning, controlling and the list goes on.

If ignored or handled poorly, bad behaviour can devastate a team! If handled early and effectively, relationships and workplace culture will be enriched. It takes skill to effectively address bad behavior, clarify misunderstandings, deal with disputes, and repair relationships. Learn proactive and preventative measures that everyone can take to stop workplace disrespect and create a positive workplace culture. Get back on the road to peace, productivity, and profits!

Course objectives

  • Understand how to effectively reduce and manage conflict within your team.
  • Enhance your conflict management skills and awareness.
  • Examine how to have difficult conversations & develop an action plan for addressing and managing workplace conflicts.
  • Learn to approach disrespectful workplace behavior more strategically and withing the context of organizational policies.


How to Build your Dental Dream Team

Andrea Roberts, HR

How much time do you spend managing poor performance or poor behaviour with your current team? How much time do you spend developing your “A” players who are already amazing? Ideally, the ratio should be 10-90. Sadly, for most businesses it’s 90-10! This course will give you the tools to reach that 10-90 so you can spend your time on patient care!

Course objectives

  • Have your HR legal fundamentals in place before you start building your “Dream Team” (job descriptions, employment contracts, employee policy manual)
  • What is your ultimate goal? (Amazing culture, no “C” players, no absenteeism)
  • Assess your current team (Who stays, who needs to move on?)
  • Termination timeline and the dos and don’ts
  • Where to find the right staff and hire the right way
  • Onboarding new staff and building employee loyalty.
  • Retaining the right employees to build your “Dream Team”


The Hygiene Driven Practice

Chrissy Ford, RDH, BScDH

A strong hygiene department can have a major influence on the success of a dental practice and the health of your patients. Join us to discover how a "hygiene driven practice" can help navigate your dental practice to success.

Course objectives

  • Examine the top characteristics of a strong and productive hygiene department.
  • Explore what the hygiene team needs to be successful.
  • How to attract & retain hygienists in this competitive market. 
  • Learn how your hygiene department can optimize profits and practice growth. 
  • Learn the 6 KPI's every dental practice manager should know. 


Dental Marketing

Kal Hammadieh

This comprehensive course delves into the essential elements for implementing a robust and effective dental marketing strategy to attract new patients and broaden your practice's online presence.

Course objectives

  • Explore the psychology behind the decision-making process of dental patients, recognizing its pivotal role in devising a successful digital strategy.
  • Gain insights into the most efficient channels for acquiring new patients online, understanding their mechanics, measuring outcomes, and deriving a tangible return on investment (ROI).
  • Learn website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, online reputation management, harnessing social media platforms tailored to dental practices, and formulating a cohesive marketing strategy to achieve overarching goals. 


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Paul Pelletier LL.B. CAPS PMP

Author of “Workplace Bullying Handbook”  available here

Paul Pelletier is an international workplace bullying and leadership expert and the author of two books, including The Workplace Bullying Handbook.  In his provocative, inspiring and always entertaining talks, Paul leverages his decades of experiences as a corporate lawyer, business executive, and project management professional, sharing powerful stories that leave audiences laughing and determined to take action to stop bad behavior at work.  He captivates by humorously and openly speaking about the "elephants in the room" that ruin our workplace culture.

Paul takes a practical approach, providing easy to implement, low risk and highly impactful steps as part of an action plan to effectively address bad behavior and effectively manage conflicts at work.

He has presented at conferences all over the world including Dubai, Switzerland, Italy, England, and throughout the United States and Canada.


Andrea Roberts HR

Andrea believes that building the right team and culture are the keys to building positive workplaces and growing the bottom line.

She is an expert in employment law and HR processes and an industry leader in the TopGrading recruitment method. For more than 20 years she’s helped businesses build their “A” teams, develop leaders and create powerful workplace cultures. Her passion for People & Culture has helped hundreds of businesses build their “Dream Teams”.

She is the Managing Director of Vine23 Consulting Inc. and the CEO and Founder of RascalHR Systems Inc.

RascalHR is the first platform designed to simplify the legal and regulatory side of HR for private healthcare including medical, dental and other health and wellness clinics.


Chrissy Ford RDH

Chrissy Ford is a registered dental hygienist, practice manager, speaker, published author and founder of the Ford Dental Institute. The development of her successful continuing education and coaching programs draws from 22 years experience in the dental field.

She is committed to empowering dental professionals to find passion in their careers and enjoys coaching dental teams on how to integrate strong periodontal programs into their practice. Her coaching and continuing education company provides online courses, hands-on workshops and in-office private coaching. 


Kal Hammadieh

Kal S Hammadieh is the CEO of MediaNV, a distinguished full-service digital marketing agency renowned for its expertise in data-driven marketing solutions tailored specifically for oral healthcare providers. Kal leads the charge in driving marketing and strategy development initiatives, leveraging his extensive experience in data driven digital marketing for dental practices. His influence extends to numerous engagements as a lecturer at dental conferences nationwide, where he shares invaluable insights with dental professionals. Kal's passion lies in educating on innovative techniques to harness the digital landscape effectively, ultimately enhancing practice revenue and operational efficiency. He is instrumental in shaping MediaNV's pioneering framework for new patient acquisition strategies, with a particular focus on the unique demands of oral healthcare marketing.


Dental Management Summit

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