Treatment Coordinator Certification


Are you looking to improve case acceptance in your office? It’s one thing to have the knowledge and expertise to provide dentistry for your patients, but it’s another thing to gain their acceptance. Do you find yourself wasting precious time presenting treatment plans that are not getting booked?  

This course is ideal for dental assistants, receptionists, office managers or existing treatment coordinators who are looking to build effective systems and elevate their communication skills for increased case acceptance.

How Do I Know if I need a Treatment Coordinator?

  • Are your case acceptance rates down or not as high as they should be?
  • Are doctors and hygienists spending too much time in the operatory “selling” resulting in your schedule running behind?
  • Are your internal referrals lower than you would like?


If you answered yes to any of the above, it is most likely time to add a treatment coordinator to your team!


On average a treatment coordinator can help you increase case acceptance by 15-20% in both dentistry and the hygiene department!

One of the key areas of focus in this course is directing our discussions and conversations on the benefits of maintaining their teeth and oral health. As we strive to develop relationships with our patients, we can look for different ways to connect with our patients to create value in our treatment recommendations.

Let's move away from discussing insurance as a main topic to one of how we can help our patients maintain their oral health and teeth for a lifetime.


Course Objectives

  • Discover the roles and responsibilities of a treatment coordinator
  • Learn how to analyze your current case acceptance and maximize your computer software program for measuring your effectiveness
  • Uncover the true barrier to accepting treatment in your practice
  • Understand the psychology of patient motivation and different communication styles
  • Learn how to help your patients go beyond “only what the insurance covers”
  • Clinical review of all dental procedures-what, why and how for increased confidence in case presentation
  • Learn the science behind periodontal disease to support the hygiene team for increased perio treatment acceptance
  • Discover how to present diagnosed treatment/case presentation and dialogue for success
  • Learn strategies for overcoming different objections and communicating with non-compliant or difficult patients
  • Learn financial strategies and options to secure acceptance 



Blended live & online

  • New patient experience
  • Patient profiling and communication
  • Handling patient objections
  • Hygiene coordination
    Schedule and chart audits
  • Insurance & pre-determinations
  • Treatment presentations
  • Financial planning & payment plans
  • Patient follow up management
  • Case acceptance tracking

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